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This is also just a place for Reilly to rant, write, and do other silly things. Have fun looking around.
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Fandom Stocking was a blast this year, and next year, I hope to volunteer and shell out more happiness than I did this year. Things got hectic around the house with family and all that, but crisis averted! I had a nice holiday season and I hope everyone else out there did, too.

Here's to 2017 and all the good it will (hopefully) bring! \o/
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I'mma play Santa's lil' helper this year and participate in [community profile] fandom_stocking. I already received a gift of sorts via AO3 and I want to treat other fans, too.

I wish there were more fans of my fandoms signed up. Oh well, just treat the few who are extra specially then. ;)

Merry Christmas to everyone. o u o
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There will be a Day In the City Under Pressure Sugar Song and Bitter Step Catch Me if You Can
Toy Blues Hands On Victim Oblivion Call You Later
On My Own The Land of Nod WILD CARD Footloose / Run for Cover Presage
Just a Game Attack the System The Urge United World Goes Round
Fate Early Train Libra A Funeral It's Magic

(With tracks from the BBB OST. Maybe I'll actually finish it.)
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1. Who texts more often?
Steven seems to talk more than he actually texts and Leo is a hip kiddo, so maybe Leo would text more?

2. Who is better with kids?
Leo. Definitely Leo b/c he has a sibling and Steven doesn't.

3. Who tops/bottoms?

Steven always tops and Leo loves to bottom! :D

4. How do they eat ice cream? What’s their favorite flavors?
Leo eats it straight from the tub while Steven likes his all fancy in a tall glass. Leo probably likes flavors like Cookies n Cream or Cookie Dough while Steven likes Black Raspberry Chip or Coffee Chip.

5. Do they go on dates? What are they like?
Dates are usually far and few between b/c of work, but they do go on 'em. The movies or a fancy dinner, depends on who picks the place.

6. Do they stargaze? Expand.

Once in a while, when Steven is feeling sentimental?

7. Who’s the laziest?
Leo can be a little sloppy sometimes, but neither of them are truly lazy.

8. Who complains more?
Leo? About Zapp work work?

9. Who wakes up earlier?

Leo b/c Steven pulls all-nighters finishing paperwork.

10. What do they smell when they smell amortentia?

New Car, New Clothes, and New Shoes

11. Who sets the other’s ringtone to something loud and obnoxious behind their back?


12. Who uses chopsticks/Can either of them use chopsticks?

Both of them seem dexterous, sooo...

13. When they can’t sleep what do they do?

Leo plays games or watches TV. Steven has a nice smoke outside.

14. Who’s clumsier?


15. Who would hold the umbrella in the rain?

Steven is taller, so yeah.

16. What do they argue about most?

Leo's inexperience as a member of Libra and how he gets hurt/kidnapped so much. Steven's disregard for his own safety and health, too.

17. Which one is a secret snuggler? 


18. Which one offers their jacket to the other when they complain they feel cold?

Steven offers his to Leo.

19. Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?


20. Who reaches for the other one’s hand while driving?


21. Who gets the window seat?

LEO. He's such a kid about it, too.

22. Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it say?)
They both do? Packed lunches are rare as is, so Leo's notes would be 'Take care' or 'Have a good day!' Steven's notes are either suggestive or super sappy.

23. Who wakes up first?


24. Who falls asleep while watching a movie? 

25. Who’s prone to wearing socks indoors (or to sleep)? 

LEO. Or Steven.

26. Who has bigger cravings? 


27. Who reminds the other to put on sunscreen before going to the beach (or pool)?
Leo does. Steven likes sunburns b/c he's something of a masochist...

28. Who carries all the important documents while traveling? 


29. Who sneaks in cookies in the shopping cart? 


30. Who cooks at 2 in the morning? 


31. Who gets extremely competitive playing Mario Kart? 


32. Who takes longer getting ready? 


33. Who likes doing the dishes? 


34. Who points at a dog when they see it? 


35. Who’s prone to road rage?


Jul. 27th, 2016 08:37 pm
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Still debating on whether I should get one or not. I'm not too fond of social media sites, but it is a good way to further publicize my fanworks.


Wish I weren't so wishy-washy sometimes hurr.
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- Who keeps drinking only half of their water bottles?! Zapp is a wasteful little thing sometimes, so I can see him only drinking half of a water bottle and then leaving it to sit out a while.

- Who sneaks goodies into the shopping cart? Zed would definitely be organized and keep a list, so I can see Zapp sneaking shit in.

- Who always feels warm and who feels cold? Zapp is always warm and probably sweaty, and Zed is usually cooler because he's a fishy hybrid. Zapp keeps Zed warm in the winter and Zed keeps Zapp cool in the summer~

- Who’s the jaywalker and who’s the angry driver yelling at them? Zapp would be the jaywalker but I don't know if I could see Zed with road rage issues.

- Who has sweaty hands and is self-conscious about them? It's my HC that Zed's hands a kind of clammy and that's why he wears fingerless gloves. He might be self-conscious about them? Not sure.

- Oh no, the OTP are betta fish! Who makes darling little bubble nests and who’s the grumpy gills always fighting their reflection? FWEE. Zed makes those little bubble nests and Zapp in the grumpy idiot fighting with his reflection.

- Who likes candles and what scents? Zapp loves candles and the fruitier/girlier the scent, the better. Of course, no one knows this but him.

- Who collects books that they never seem to read? Neither one. Zapp hates reading books and Zed always reads what he buys.

- Who yells at the fire alarms when they won’t shut up? ZAPP ZAPP ZAPP ZAPP.

- Who has a lot of journals/notebooks (empty, half-filled, etc…)? Zed loves writing down all sorts of things/observations he makes. I imagine he has a whole treasure trove of notebooks filled with useless information~

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I just finished 'Empire of Corpses' the other day and AUGH. The angst.

I loved it. It was such a good movie! The cinematics were great and I loved the plot/characters. Truly a memorable film.

The only things I didn't like were Hadaly's oversized boobs. Why try to shove fanservice into an intellectual anime, I ask you? I liked Hadaly, too, but I couldn't take her seriously because of the cleavage.

Oh well. Totally buying this one~~
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- Who slowly eases into the pool while complaining about the temperature of the water and who takes a full-force no regrets flying cannonball into the water? Steven would ease into the pool (but not complain about the temp) and Leo cannonballs into the water.

- Who can easily comfort the other when they’re sick and who sprays everything down with Lysol and wears an antimicrobial mask and pats the former with a broom to comfort them when they get sick? Steven is good at comforting sick!Leo but Leo hates getting sick, so he's the one running around all germophobic-like.

- Who’s the amazing cook and who almost burns the house down trying to microwave a poptart? Steven is an amazing cook and Leo isn't all that bad, but he would burn the place down by nuking a poptart because that's just his luck.

- Who immediately goes for the can of Raid when they see a bug and who picks it up like “no wait don’t kill it I wanna keep it?” Both go for the can of Raid.

- Who likes to lean over railings to get a better view and who freaks out and tries to pull the former back away from the rail screaming about how they might fall? Leo is a bit short so he has to lean over railings sometimes and it really freaks Steven out.

- Who acts like they’re brave and fearless but actually gets terrified 15 minutes into a horror movie and who is usually the huge scaredy cat but isn’t fazed at all by most horror movies? Leo probably dislikes most scary movies but they don't seem to bother Steven at all.

- Who constantly criticizes the latter’s wardrobe and who dresses even more outrageously to further annoy the former? Steven jokes around and tells Leo that his clothing is too baggy, so Leo shows up to work the next day in some of Steven's oversized clothes to prove a point.

- Who likes total darkness when they sleep and who needs a night light? Leo might need some noise or a little light to sleep, but Steven can fall asleep standing up because he's always sleep-deprived as is.

- Who loves kids and who scowls at the mere sight of them? Leo likes kids but Steven doesn't quite know how to handle them.

- Who plays games competitively and sucks at them and who plays games casually and is actually really heckin good? Steven would only play games to bond with Leo, but Leo actually loves playing games and he's damn good at them.

- Who can handle spicy foods perfectly and who chugs an entire gallon of milk after accidentally eating one jalapeño? Steven loves spicy foods but Leo can't handle anything too spicy.

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Steven/Leo really is the ship to end all ships.


Other than that, I'm gonna try for some merit badges on [community profile] fan_flashworks like a good little scout. The Margrave of Horror is the first one I'm aiming for~ Wish me luck!

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Just to warn you: I have a lot of fandoms. (I think the actual number of fandoms is close to thirty.) (・ε・`)

Anime, Manga, and Manhwa )
Yuri!!! On Ice!
Video/PC Games )
Miscellaneous )
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All about the author [personal profile] kuuderella

♱ Reilly (Real Name)
♱ Non-binary and Asexual.
♱ Capricorn
♱ Elegant Gothic Lolita Enthusiast and Gamer.
♱ Enjoys  Classic Gaming, Anime/Manga, Ball-Jointed Dolls, Horror, Eroguro, and Mythology.
♱ Chirpy, Observant, Energetic, Delicate, and a big Crybaby. Mom friend to all who know me.


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